Hon Hamn was founded in 1987 in Taiwan for plastic injection mold manufacturing, sheet metal pressing die manufacturing, plastic injection production, and foam gasket processing.

HIGH QUALITY, GOOD SERVICE, COMPETITIVE PRICE are the top priority objects. Hon Hamn has complete and professional engineering teams on appearance design, 2D/3D mechanical structure design, plastic injection mold design, sheet metal pressing die design, injection production, product assembly, and mass customization in order to provide ODM and OEM services.

Major Objects


    To support the high quality of product, Hon Hamn purchased numerous accurate facilities for quality examination, which, with the assistance of outstanding QC executing strict inspection, can deliver promises and guarantees on quality for sure.


    To offer the best services, Hon Ham arranges all ranks of educational trainings to our employees: basic training, orientation training, reserve cadre training, and specialty training. These can ensure employees grow along with the company.


    To provide the most competitive price, Hon Ham uses standard operating procedure and numerical management to increase the productivity, lower the defective rate and reduce the production cost.


  • New Products Development

    Appearance and mechanism engineers of the R&D department can provide 2D and 3D appearance design, structure design, mock-up sampling, sheet metal pressing dies design, plastic injection molds design, plastic injection mold flow analysis and deformation and cooling system report in a very short period of time.


    Proficient in making the plastic parts for precision electronics parts, home appliance, medical appliance, communication devices, computer peripherals, mechanical parts, auto/motor parts, and cosmetic.

  • Process the product from the conception to completion

    Consistent operation can make products from design, mold-making, injection parts production, accessories purchasing, and assembly, the company holds many technologies of 2nd processing, such as pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding, thermal welding, assembly line, fabricating, high-quality decorative metallic surface coating for plastic parts and a well-organized warehouse.

  • Plastic injection mold and Sheet metal pressing die manufacture
  • Plastic injected parts manufacture
  • Foam gasket products processing
  • Mass Customization for plastic and metal material